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Escape Rooms are a very productive means for team building. Like never before, companies and corporations are turning to Mobile Escapes NJ to promote team building and employee development.

Escape Rooms promote some very key components to team building. Unlike other team building activities, each person plays a role in a story. All players must communicate, listen, work together, all with the pressure of being timed. This develops respect among the team members who work together. It shows which individual on your team are leaders or followers, and highlights extraordinary skills.

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Team Building and Other Events

Escape Rooms (aka puzzle rooms) is a very productive event and activity for corporate team building purposes. More and more companies are turning to Puzzle/Escape Rooms to assist in team building, communication, and personal development. Mobile Escapes NJ provides some of the key components to building a team. Unlike other team building activities, each person plays an interactive role in the experience. All involved have to communicate, listen, and work together, all while under pressure to beat the clock and escape the room. These adventures help to build mutual respect for all team members who contribute to the success of escaping, while having a fun bonding adventure outside of the workplace! It helps showcase which individuals on your team are a leader or a follower, and will highlight any individual skills.


While collaborating and bonding with your team are essential to escaping the rooms challenges, the employer can watch how each employee handles the tasks gain valuable insight and information for the company to use to develop their employees. It can showcase an employee’s strengths and weaknesses and even help to place employees in particular positions by matching them with positions that are aligned with their personalities. It also promotes creative thinking skills which is a very difficult skill to develop in normal day-to-day scenarios or with other, less interactive team building activities. Mobile Escapes NJ can assist almost all company sizes. Different departments can escape different rooms, or the same rooms at different times. In either case, it will allow for critical discussions and team development opportunities.


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Mobile Escapes NJ is fully focused on providing the best mobile escape room adventures. Offering interactive mystery, puzzle, escape rooms in your choice of a luxury climate controlled trailer built just for your adventure or mobile tent units that set up indoor or outdoors, anywhere you have a 10 x 10 space. We are New Jersey's premiere entertainment for all your special events! Enjoy watching your friends in awe as the adventure pulls up to your home, office, or festival and let the challenge begin! No need to travel to us for your party. The party will come to you!

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